A Look At Penn Colonial Swim Club

One of Lower Paxton Township's little secrets is Penn Colonial Swim Club (PCSC). Celebrating its fifty-fifth year in 2015, PCSC is a private, non-profit park, playground and recreational swimming pool with deep community roots. The club opened its doors in the summer of 1960 due to the efforts of Jean Nichols, Glenn Wert, James Keen, Jr., Doris Summerfield and Robert Knupp. After just eight months, funds were acquired, land was obtained and the construction was overseen to completion. The original club officers acquired approximately three acres of land, previously owned by George and Mae Horstick, just off Locust Lane. The main purpose for the club was to provide swimming facilities, recreational activities, and good will to its membership.

The existing lay out and structure of the club is a tribute to the original build. A pool office, snack bar, separate male and female locker rooms and restrooms, volleyball court, four-square and tether ball court all surround the large main pool and baby pool. The main pool has both a low diving board and a slide.

The swim club offers a Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program.

The members of Penn Colonial Swim Club have a strong commitment and responsibility to providing a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere. Our membership continues to uphold the vision of our founding members to ensure social camaraderie inside and outside Penn Colonial Swim Club.


Mission Statement

Penn Colonial Swim Club (PCSC) is responsible to foster recreation, leisure and aquatic services and to promote the well being of and positive quality of life for youth and adults alike. The objective of the PCSC is to provide an environment where our members can enjoy the outdoors and amenities offered by attending the pool during the summer season.


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