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Dauphin County Local Share Municipal Gaming Grant Repair Update...

The main pool seam caulking has been completed.  The main pool filter pit valve has been installed.  The sanitation pit cistern repair is scheduled to be completed prior to opening.  Assorted water valves have also been repaired.  A cosmetic sandblasting has been completed on the baby pool gutters and approximately 50% of the main pool gutters have been completed.  The project will resume after the pool closes for the season since our sandblaster was unable to complete the entire job in time for us to open for Memorial Day Weekend.  This is an extremely messy job and required an extensive clean up.  Both pools have been cleaned an painted THANKS to the Heatherfield Hurricane Swim Team Members, Parents and Coaches.*  A long over due roof repair is also scheduled to be completed this summer* 

*NOT part of the Grant.