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Dauphin County Local Share Municipal Gaming Grant Repair Update...

The main pool cosmetic sandblasting has been completed.  A long over due roof/sky light repair* was not able to be completed last summer, but we are looking into completing it this summer.
We have been fortunate to be awarded another local share municipal gaming grant to repair the pit drain in our filter pit.  Work will begin after the pool closes for the season.
*NOT part of the Grant.

Other Updates...

We had a HORRIFIC time trying to open the pool for the season.  SEVERAL pipes burst on multiple occasions when we went to turn on the water.  We still have a small leak inside the womens restroom that needs to be repaired.  Please be patient as we try to find qualified/certified, available, affordable laborers to help us solve our issues.

SPECIAL thanks to...

Ken Leitzell for coming to our rescue in the time of emergency.  We appreciate your time, skills and talent.